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Monday, March 21, 2011

Unplug and recharge

This weekend was about getting back to the basics. It was time to unplug from our gadgets, spend some quality time with my husband and friends, just enjoying life and reflecting upon the simple things like writing, laughter, fresh air, future dreams and love.

I've learned a few things quickly about starting my own business. Like anything, photography is an extremely competitive and cutthroat industry. Because of the complexity of equipment and technical skills needed, it used to be primarily male dominated however that is quickly changing. With the amount of people buying digital cameras, and the potential to make additional income as stay at home moms, added to the wealth of knowledge that can be found on the internet, the females are moving up the ranks in the photography world.

I have never been a competitive person. I've never enjoyed sports or anything relating to comparison with others. I am not sure if it's the only child in me but I like to do my own thing. I've discovered that photography is no different. I know in life, to be at the top of your game, you have to give 150% of your time and effort and be willing to start at the bottom, yet trample over whomever it takes to climb the ranks quickly.

I learned this when working in Finance. The younger the staff that were hired, the more competitive things would become. My position and stance changed as I would interview in my early 30's. I would flat out tell the interviewer that I was not looking to take over their job and become a top Executive. I was turned down for some roles later in life because my resume showed significant and rapid growth and movement throughout companies in my 20's and they thought I would become bored with a position and leave. I explained to them I was looking for a 9-5 job to work, do a good job, but at the same time, come home and forget about at the end of the day. Something shifted in me when I met Michael. I wanted a balanced life. I didn't want my relationship to suffer at the expense of long hours and extra projects.

I was speaking with my muse the other day and she recalls spending many expensive years developing her photography skills and business and in class one day there was a round table discussion about where each student saw themselves in the future. Everyone excitedly chirped about their hopes and dreams to work in fashion or production or one day hit the big time and see their work in Vogue magazine. My muse said she hoped to one day be a mommy and wife and do photography part time. Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

Right now I'm just starting out, but I definitely do not see myself as running a huge business and working every weekend for the next ten years. A healthy life is about balance and sometimes, you have to unplug, recharge your batteries and figure out what's important to you.
We are all different and measure our success different.

Ideally, I'd like to gain my experience this year and then run a boutique studio where I enjoy one on one experiences, get to know couples or individual's stories and be able to photograph and write about it. Small and intimate venues definitely are where my heart is right now.

Home is also where my heart is.


natalie said...

XOXO you always make me so emotional, haha
You are amazing lady, seriously.

Wendy Lewicki said...

You know you are my muse always Nat!! I look forward to working with you!! :) xoxo