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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saved by a woman.

I wanted to do a photo shoot and Michael wasn't that into it. We have photos of everyone else but very little of us together. I stomped off, all pissed off. Then, he wanted to shoot and I didn't. The light was perfect as it was dusk, but quickly getting darker. I cried and he chased me. Dramatic yes. He insisted we take photos but I honestly said forget it as my eyes were puffy and red and I won't be fake in a photo shoot. Then, we made up and this was the result. Real is always better than not and these probably turned out better than if we had set up a staged shoot.

I honestly believe that emotion shines through photos. This is why it's so important to capture those moments as they are happening. The love and overwhelming joy we felt on our wedding day could have never been recreated later.

Shoot in the moment. Always. Even if it doesn't seem picture perfect.

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