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Thursday, March 10, 2011


How is it even possible that too much of a good thing is not healthy? I remember a specific episode of the Smurfs growing up, where Smurfette had an insatiable appetite for sweets, and everything she touched turned into candy. At first, she was excited as any child or smurf would be to have an abundance of smurfberry candy, until she realized everything and everyone she touched turned into candy.

It's funny how the human brain works. It truly is important to have the ying and the yang to create a harmonious balance. For example, you cannot appreciate your weekends as much if you are not working, because every day is a weekend. If you are a millionaire and everything comes too easily, there is not as much enjoyment in the fruits of your labour. Seeing too much of someone can also be a bad thing. Familiarity breeds contempt, or so the saying goes.

Day by day, habits start to form. Those habits turn into a routine which makes it that much harder to break the routine when reversing your habit or addiction into moderation. Take dating for example. You know that feeling at the beginning, when you can't get enough of each other? That feeling is like a drug. I actually have done research on this. The chemicals that are released in your brain are similar to those euphoric feelings you experience while high on drugs.

The problem is, when moderation or a change or routine take place, it's that much harder to break the newly formed habit or feeling of being together all the time. Is it better to eat one chip and enjoy the taste of that one, even though you know you want to eat the whole bag but shouldn't or can't?

You hear the expression that it's better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all but does avoiding those euphoric highs actually save you anguish and pain in the long run or should you just live in the moment, and deal with the consequences afterwards? Have you ever spent a day or tried to anyways, not looking at your phone or emails?

Should you just not even buy the potato chips to begin with?

Is too much of anything a bad thing?

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