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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hey Hey! Below you can find a link to some amazing fearless is a link to Ontario's fearless...and guess what? I'm on that list. So, if you know of anyone getting married....please feel free to send them this link. If you scroll down, you'll see my page (twice for some reason). I haven't won any fearless awards yet....but one day I hope to!

Thanks for the love.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Me and she....from him.

Three years ago today we were engaged. Whenever someone asks me about the proposal, I reply that it's a long story. Michael took the liberty of writing it down. From his point of view.

When my friends ask about dating advice, and say that the guy calls once a week because he is "too busy", I remind them that as human beings, we always find time for the ones we love. Don't settle for someone who puts you on the shelf. I never would.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you?

Like the four seasons, there are a certain sequence of life events that unfold as surely as changing weather. What once was green and lush, one day, as if from out of nowhere, seems to suddenly transition to stark and bleak conditions. The nights turn dark quickly and we dream of the sunshine. Isn't this also true for relationships? At the very moment you're sitting on top of the world, things seem to come crashing down, and at the point of despair and grief, as if from out of nowhere, appears the one thing we thought was forever lost: Hope. 

My husband asked me the other day what I aspired to be as a child. I gave it some deep thought and was utterly confused. I was always so distracted by boys and finding love, that I never stopped to think about what indeed it was that I wanted out of life. I believe it was part of a master plan from the powers that may be, to have only met the man of my dreams once I was confident and secure with myself. So many people I know are going through heartache and at the tail of Valentine's Day, the most dreadful day for single people, I felt it necessary to remind that everything happens as it should, even if it all seems so ass backwards right now.

Relationships are confusing, especially when they end abruptly and one sided. I personally think it's enlightening during a break up. It is a blessing that it happened now and not later, for it will take that much more time to heal. And time is a wasting. It is, in my humble opinion that it is better to wake up fresh, wondering what exciting adventure or amazing person awaits, than to spend even one more day with someone who doesn't value your worth. And who doesn't love you,  just the way you are.

I heard a quote this past weekend in regards to photography equipment. A very successful boudoir photographer candidly recalled her first few years in business. She had an entry level camera and one lens. She quipped that she wore that amateur equipment as a badge of honour and not a badge of shame. These are powerful words. We should also wear our mistakes and our past honourably for they have made us who we are, taken us to this current destination and developed our soul.

The four seasons are supposed to unfold in order. Summer, fall, winter and spring and repeat. But sometimes, things happen in an unexpected order and we have to be ready to embrace the storm or the sunshine, in whichever order it may appear.

Be patient. The sunshine will eventually show up to keep you company. And if you're really lucky,
maybe a cute boy with a ring.

Happy Valentine's Day!!



Monday, February 13, 2012

Lisa & Adam....and an improved Wendy Alana Photography

My mom first let me know a couple of months ago, that someone would be contacting me regarding photographing their wedding. We first met Lisa and Adam in the new year and we instantly fell in love with them. Lisa's mom was also at our meeting, as well as her best friend, two dogs and cat. They are big huggers, which I love. There is a time and a place for formality, especially in business but I instantly know if a bride and groom hug me, that they feel comfortable. And comfort leads to trust, which leads to a great working relationship.

We pulled up my website during the meeting and Lisa was oohing and ahhing, talking about wanting those specific moments for her wedding. I explained to her that we rarely stage these moments, and that her day would be full of her own unique memories. They hired us, and were not that interested in an engagement session, since their wedding is only weeks away.

As part of our packages, we include an engagement session, not only for the couple to warm up to the camera and get beautiful photos taken, but for us to get to know them on a more personal level. When we show up to their wedding day, it as if we are old friends, which makes for some beautiful and relaxed photos.

Lisa and Adam weren't terribly interested in posed portraits, so I knew I had to be creative in my insistence of the engagement session. I emailed her asking if they would like casual photos taken of them and their animals. Their dogs are a huge part of their wedding day so it only seemed fitting. Lisa squealed at this thought and secretly I knew how this was going to go down.

We rescheduled our shoot on Saturday due to the wind and snow, but yesterday was a perfect day to play with the dogs in their yard. When the canines were tired out, I asked if it was okay to take a few photos of the two of them, and even Lisa and her mom who had stopped by for a bit. 

The results did not surprise me. After an hour or so, the couple were getting right into it, and when I asked for ideas of their own, they had mentioned showcasing their full back and arm tattoos. I loved this, and got to see a different side to them.  It is often the end of the photography session that, if I've done my job properly, they feel comfortable enough to suggest their own ideas. And I love that, as it means the client is also present and invested in the session. A photographer can only do so much directing to get what they want out of the client.

We have been changing things up over here a bit with our business practices. As our 2012 prices have increased, we have also paid specific attention to detail with the entire wedding process. We want to ensure our clients not only have beautiful photos, but an entire experience worth talking about. Throughout the year, the client is sent little mailed surprises, and in the weeks leading to the wedding day, we invite them to our home for a gourmet dinner cooked by Michael. We conduct most of our meetings at our home as we believe it better acquaints our clients with us; not only as a photography team but as a husband and wife who can understand and empathize the stress of planning a wedding.

We have created several detailed documents in order to further understand what our couples are all about, how they see their day unfolding and a detailed questionnaire which we were so fortunate to get from Nashville husband and wife team Zach and Jody Gray. I have really taken the time to understand where my time was wasted, what has gone wrong and most importantly, what I'm doing right. 

We have been taking several workshops lately which have let us know that we are on the right track, and also offered areas where we can improve on. We are upgrading our equipment, booking less weddings and offering a more boutique approach to all of our clients. I've discovered that if you give your clients an amazing experience, they can't help but be your biggest fans. To this date, I haven't spent a dollar on advertising so I must be doing something right. In regards to equipment, I heard a quote this weekend from boudoir photographer Christa Meola. She mentioned that new photographers are often intimidated with their minimal equipment and she recalls shooting for three years on an entry level camera and one lens...she said that she wore that equipment as a badge of honor and not a badge of shame. Isn't that true of all things in life? When you have to work harder at something, when things aren't as easy straight away, aren't you better off for it in the end?

We are excited to kick off wedding season in 59 days with Lisa and Adam. It blows my mind that April of last year was my first wedding shot in Punta Cana. 

I guess the saying rings true that luck truly favours the well prepared.

Lisa and Adam, we can't wait to see you soon. Here are some of my favourite shots from yesterday, and many more for your eyes only. Cheers to a beautiful couple.



Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Madge Go!

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love this gal. I once had these "friends"
who bought a bunch of tickets to the sold out Toronto Madonna show. They gave the spare
ticket to one of their husbands who was so disinterested, he sat outside smoking the entire time.
I went down with another friend, where they were scalping tickets for $800. I swear to God,
I almost paid friend said to me, I can't let you spend a month's rent on one ticket. 
I begged the doorman to let me peek in, just as she was singing Vogue. I got a glimpse and
my heart soared. Then, the mean attendant abruptly shut the curtains and gone was my chance to see the Material Girl in all her glory. My glimpse lasted about 30 seconds and I can only hope to see her live again one day. For now, I am pumped for her performance tonight at the halftime Superbowl show.

Go Madge Go!

Your biggest fan,