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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing.....Caela Maher...superstar.

You know when you meet someone and you just click with them? This happened to me when I met Michael's cousin's girlfriend Caela Maher. Her free spirit, whimsical attitude and wise soul instantly resonated a connection with me. We snuck off at a family function and shared a few laughs and stories. We all have that one person at a family function that we instantly gravitate towards time and time again.

I'd soon discover that Caela grew up just outside a tiny town in the middle of a cornfield. The house she grew up in is an old school house with the only doors aside from the front, back and bathroom were the ones on her and her sister's bedroom. Her parents got married at city hall in matching plaid pant suits where the peace symbol was evident on their fingers.

She stands at a tiny 5 foot 2 but don't let her size fool you. She has enough energy to power the sun. I'd later find out that Caela's first love is singing. Her seductive voice is both powerful and sweet. Caela’s simple and melodic style of music creates a perfect ambiance for the complex intimacies of life she expresses. Caela writes simple songs about emotional things; lives, lovers and the soul in a world of imagery. She has had a long affair with writing, composing and performing since the age of 14.

The power of her performance displays her passion for over four years as a musician, avid songwriter, and active member of Socan. Caela’s songs are consistently captivating, emotionally rich, dark and moody. Phrases turn, emotions connect, and melodies soar. Listening to Caela’s songs one can hear the discoveries she makes about herself and life.

She has partied with the likes of Daniel Lanois and Dave Matthews. Caela is the talent booking agent for the Sal Piamonte Art Collective which is a monthly showcase currently at Clinton's Tavern in Toronto (both music and visual arts). She works at Tattoo Sound + Music in the role of Production Coordinator/Media and Culture Liaison. The link to her work bio can be found here.

Caela also has a major passion for vegetarian food and can be found on her blog . I've never been one to want to willingly give up meat, but her yummy recipes inspire even true carnivores like me to try a few vegetarian delights.

Caela's additional interests include backpacking in places where there are no resorts, photography and production. When you meet someone that is multifaceted, talented, beautiful and kind, you have to write about it.

It's a blessing to know you Caela and p.s....nobody can rock the Twiggy like pixie haircut like you! Stay tuned for a super fabulous photo shoot that her and I are going to collaborate on at The Beaches in Toronto!

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Anonymous said...

My sister is pretty amazing! thanks for sharing her wondrous talents!