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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Forces of Nature

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong generation? The wrong country? Have you ever met someone and wondered why you didn't meet years ago? How your life would be different if you married someone else? If you took a different path in your career? Fulfilled your wishes and dreams?

I often reflect on the movie Forces of Nature and wonder about chosen paths, opportunities lost and future direction. One moment, day, week or instant can change everything.

Some days, I literally feel as if someone is guiding me through life, as if my choices and decisions are all mapped out for me and I'm just going along for the ride. Other days, I fight like hell to get out of the mundane and ordinary.

Today, I'm just happy to be here, sunshine and all.

Sing our own song.

A little UB4o for a steamy hot summer-like day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The weird and the wonderful.

"We fell in love, despite our differences, and once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. For me, love like that has only happened once, and that's why every minute we spent together has been seared in my memory. I'll never forget a single moment of it." ~Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook).

Pauline + Brian: "We do"

I started my day out yesterday with an excited bride and her amazing maid of honor at the hair salon. I briefly worked with Pauline and back in the summer of last year, she had asked me to photograph her wedding this May. Time sure flies! When I had first started at this company, I had heard of a horrendous motorcycle accident that a prior employee had been in with her spouse. Shortly after this, my aunt was killed in a bike accident. It was a tough year for everyone, myself included.

Caroline and her boyfriend survived the crash and life as they know it is completely different and challenging on so many levels. She mentioned that when Pauline asked her to be her maid of honor, it really brightened her day and gave her something to look forward to.

The day started out drizzly and damp and I had a secret conversation with the weather Gods and asked that their outdoor ceremony continue without wet interruption. I headed to the hall to snap some photos of the bride and groom's families prepping tables, centerpieces, coffee and details. It was so nice to see that two blended families of a second marriage could actually logistically not only work but get along! Their children and siblings, family and friends scurried around to make everything special for this long awaited celebration of love.

Pauline and Brian arrived in style, in a T-roof shiny black corvette. Michael acted as my second shooter and did a great job in capturing the angles that I could not cover yesterday. Under a beautiful tree, warm breeze and in front of a sparkling lake and loving well-wishers, Pauline and Brian were wed. After some family portraits, we snuck them off to take some private photos of the two of them. They had a casual and intimate lunch, a first dance, lots of laughs and a day to remember.

I sat with my former colleagues and their spouses and pondered to myself how lucky I was to be in surrounding company of such wonderful, kind and salt of the earth women. We gathered Pauline and the gals for a group shot, and then started to part ways.

The bride and groom headed off for a private night of luxury, a gift from their families and we all wished them a wonderful night together as well as a life full of love and togetherness.

Here are just a few teaser photos from yesterday. Thanks for trusting me to capture your wedding day!

Love always,


Friday, May 27, 2011

Time ~ (Clock of the heart)

Don't put your head on my shoulder
Sink me in a river of tears
This could be the best place yet
But you must overcome your fears
In time we could've been so much more
But time is precious I know
In time we could've been so much more
The time has nothing to show
Time won't give me time
And time makes lovers feel
Like they've got something real
But you and me we know
We got nothing
but time
And time won't give me time
Won't give me time
Don't make me feel any colder
Time is like a clock in my heart
Touch we touch was the heat too much
I felt I lost you from the start
In time we could've been so much more
But time is precious I know
In time we could've been so much more
The time has nothing to show because
Time won't give me time
And time makes lovers feel
Like they've got something real
But you and me we know
We've got nothing but time
And time won't give me time
Won't give me time

~ Culture Club ~

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remembering the magic.

Photo courtesy of Laura Brown's Photography

Lately my brain is so full of information overload that I find it hard to remember things. There were so many moments in Dominican that I didn't want to forget so I wrote them down. In life, the everyday mundane moments seem to slip through your memory banks like sand through your fingers.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a gala with some great friends. There was a silent auction and one glass piece was up for bid. The woman who made it was in the audience and is also sadly losing her battle with cancer. The closer we seem to get to the other side, the more freaked out I seem to get.

I've done some pretty insane things in my life. There are some moments when I look back and wonder how I made it out alive. These are also the memories that gave me thrills, chills and will forever remain engrained in my head. Lately I find in speaking with people, we are all restless and bored of the same old same old. We are all searching for the magic moments that make us feel alive, special, needed. Electric.

Too many times, we do the right thing based on what people will think, judge or react to.
I say fuck it. Never have regrets. I don't. I'm sure I've been judged. I'm sure how I choose to live my life is less than conventional. Nobody can ever say that I haven't lived my life the way I've wanted.

We only travel this road once. Make some unforgettable magic.

I love this scene in the recreation of Romeo and Juliet. Young hearts, run free.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I would die for you.

I had the great privilege this weekend of spending time with my mom as well as some friends and their beautiful children.

There certainly is no other love like a mother's love.

I've never seen this kind of love
the kind that won't slip away
yes I'm soaring through your heart
Don't you know I could not survive without you in my life?
I would die for you
I would die for you
I would die for you

~ Jann Arden

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer and my lady friends!

I awoke to the sound of the alarm this morning at 2:30 a.m. and headed to Pearson airport to drop Michael off to catch his flight to Washington. He was invited to attend Eat, Write, Retreat!
this weekend. This week has been a crazy one full of car repairs, jaunts to Toronto, phone calls, editing, and photo gigs. It was my full intention to spend some quiet time reflecting, unplugging and shutting down my thoughts with some meditation. As an aside, don't you love it when you know in your heart that someone is not a good person and they prove you right, even if it is through things you hear years later? It's a personal satisfaction when you realize other people also realize it's them, and not you. It's not about winning but sometimes it is. I win.

Anyways...meditating this weekend. Oh right. Plans change. Summer is arriving, my mom is coming over and so are my girlfriends for some much needed Friday night fun! Starting next Saturday, I will be photographing weddings all summer long and I've just been told that my first wedding at a winery will include taking shots of the groomsmen who would like to moon the camera. Good times!!

Enjoy these images that remind us of the warm months to come. Have a great long weekend, have fun and be safe!



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dream on.

Hoping I can finally discard the constant clutter and movement in my mind and sleep peacefully.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Normal gets you nowhere

I was in Chapters the other day and happened to find a free chair. I finished getting comfy, assumed position and started to read. I happened to glance up in front of me and see the sequel to Kelly Cutrone's book "If you have to cry, go outside." Similar to the first book, the title "Normal gets you nowhere" grabbed my attention hook, line and sinker.

Do you believe in signs? If so, you probably have found yourself in this position several times a day. The position of being open-minded enough to receive messages from the universe. Do you ever find yourself sinking deep into reverie and thought and when you snap out of it, you see a bumper sticker in front of you that speaks to the exact thing you were just day dreaming of? Or likewise, a song that seems to jump out of the speakers and belt out a solo performance, specifically dedicated to you and the emotional place you reside at that very moment?

I put aside the several wedding photography books I had so carefully selected and delved into Kelly's gritty and frank way of speaking. She discussed everything from relationships to religion to sex to business in such a candid and honest way, it was hard to cringe at the several strategically placed "F" bombs. ( Example: Chapter 2: The Kella-Sutra: If you're not getting fucked by midnight, go home. ) See what I mean? Frankly speaking and honest.

One of my favourite excerpts:

"Let's be honest. Most of the time when we fall in love with someone, it's not because the wider world has given us an indication that their dick should be inside of us. Energy has nothing to do with what's practical or aesthetic; it has nothing to do with his stats, his bank account, or how he looks on paper. It is not the same as attracted to or makes sense. Instead, it comes directly from the source. Most of the time when you meet someone, you're either in or you're out. Does he make you want to do crazy things? If he doesn't, and you're just trying to figure out how to keep him happy or how to leave by noon the next day, you're a liar, not a lover, and I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that if you continue this relationship, you're going to need a lawyer.

If you have ever had the great privilege of crying when you make love with someone, then you will understand what it's like to be a God, an Angel and a Human Being all at the same time."

Pick up the book. It's worth the read.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm alive: A bridal shower with a Mother's presence.

What can I say? I detest bridal showers. I almost always roll my eyes when invited to them. It's not that I'm ungracious or a total bitch. I've always been a shy person and I find sitting in a room full of women that I don't usually know, not always the most enjoyable way to spend my Sunday.

Today was a blustery, rainy, mess of a day. The kind of day you want to snuggle into someone special and curl up to watch a movie, or in my case, write. I couldn't have been more pleased to get my fat ass out of bed, get ready and head to Hamilton for my dear friend Jackie's wedding shower.

Jackie and I were acquaintances back in the day when we all used to party every weekend. Probably a good 15 years had passed when I had learned that her mother had passed away. Something within me needed to speak to her which I would find out later, today actually, that I had called at the exact moment she was ready to talk to someone.

You know we've matured when I introduced myself to an adorable young lady as her husband's old girlfriend, and we shared a few laughs. It's funny how when you are younger, especially as women, you really don't pay attention to other women from rival schools. As grown adults, we can all laugh at our childish behaviour and carefree days. Today I had the privilege of sharing a table with some most remarkable women. Considering how large this world is, it truly always seems to shrink itself down in size to a few very shallow degrees of separation. We got to chatting about life and it's importance. We all remember as brides, how important the details were. In the grand scheme of things, none of the flowers, centerpieces, favours or shoes matter if you don't have the most important people in your life to share in your day.

Jackie lost her mom a year ago and she has been in my thoughts ever since. Planning a wedding without your mother has got to be one of the most heartwrenching things a girl could go through. Listening to her speak today, so well composed and emotional really put things into perspective for me. Listening to the adorable young lady recount the story of how her mother passed away when her newborn was one day old put things into perspective for me. Listening to someone going through major life changes tell me today that my photography moves her emotionally put things into perspective for me. Listening to a gorgeous woman tell me that none of the bullshit in life matters without your loved ones put things into perspective.

Jackie and Rob, I wish you the most enjoyable time in planning your wedding. Congratulations on your new home, your engagement and most importantly your love for each other. Jacks, it's evident you are marrying into a family who loves you. Your bridal shower was gorgeous with so much attention to detail and thought put into it. You know I always tell you that your mother is always with you. She's in the butterfly that lands on you and follows you around when you are delivering mail. She's with you when you hear a song on the radio. She's with you when you look to the moon and she'll be very much alive and with you on your beautiful and very special wedding day.

I love you. For now, here are just a few of many photos from today. My gift to you.