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Saturday, March 26, 2011

You're all I need, to get by.

I don't understand why we all speak in riddles and rhymes. For example, when a status is posted on Facebook, it is always written in an inferred fashion and hopefully the people it is directed to get the hint. Why not just speak the truth? Then, if the person comes to us and says in an accusatory way, "was that comment directed to me?", we say no and feign ignorance. It makes no sense.

Who has time for bullshit these days? Facebook causes problems. If you do some spring cleaning and remove people off your list, they freak out and wonder why, yet they never talk to you or comment on anything you're doing when you know they are all over Facebook. Even further, you've never spoken on the phone or in person in years so what's the point?

In my humble opinion, after some hard lessons learned, there is no reason to fire everyone completely out of your life if they don't meet up to your standards. There are some people that you are not meant to spend every day with and it is fine to keep fluff acquaintances just at that; acquaintances.

The truth is, when a friendship becomes more work and leaves you drained rather than refreshed, it is time to move on before things get too sour. We've all had those toxic relationships, whether it's a friendship or a romantic relationship. Follow that feeling in your gut; it will never lead you astray.

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post about a book written about the friend who got away. It retells the story of broken friendships from both sides of the story which is an interesting take on a book or friendship, considering there are always three sides to every story; yours, theirs and the truth.

The truth is, I've fired some people I probably shouldn't have and in other instances kept people around much longer than I should have. My mom always says familiarity breeds contempt and it is so true. As human beings, we have little tolerance for each other, even if you are related. We learn to work around and accept certain situations such as in-laws, peers at work and neighbours. When it comes to the limited free time we have however, who you choose to spend that rare free time with, should be someone that accepts you as you are, on a good or bad day, reciprocates in the friendship and most of all is real and true.

There is a huge difference between an acquaintance and a friend and I've learned the hard way that having a handful of true friends is much more rewarding than a room full of acquaintances.

Spring has sprung. Have you taken stock of your relationships and cleaned house lately?

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