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Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the living years

This morning I am attending a funeral for a very kind and generous man that helped my mom and I when she was on her own and struggling financially with a young child. He was her boss, he was kind, he had heart. He helped with my extended health care bills when my own deadbeat dad wouldn't contribute. There are some people in life that make such an impact on you, even 20 years later at word of their death, can brim your eyes with tears and make your lip quiver in sadness and reverie.

I am back from the funeral. Roger owned a chain of grocery stores in the Burlington area which employed many. The range of ages that were in the packed church were proof that this man touched the lives of several people. As I looked around at the rows of choked up people in the pews, I reached for my mom's hand. The clergy spoke of his generosity towards the impoverished and hungry. He would have no part in human beings going hungry and donated generously time and time again. After the funeral, my mom and I got to talking about life and death and the things we could have or should have done. We could have called or visited this man all these years. We could have spent more time with people who have passed. We parted ways at the end of the afternoon, grateful to have each other's hands to hold in sad times such as yesterday.

Our time here is limited. Live it large and live it well. Say what you need to say while your loved ones are still here. Live life while you're here, in the living years.

Rest in peace Roger.

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