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Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspired by white.

Last night a group of fabulous people met up over coffee to discuss a very special bride and groom. It turned out to be a great night of planning and random run-ins of acquaintances. It really is such a small world when you meet in the middle of the city and have people from Niagara to Toronto run into others they know.

This bride and groom had already hired their photographer and videographer who have an amazing style of their own. She then saw my work and told me that her heart broke over some of the images and she wanted my vintage twist on things as well. How could she have both, she wondered to herself. Well, she can!

We all met, discussed our strategy for the day and the bride and groom left smiling. I've never met such a calm and happy bride. It really is possible to have it all for your big day. We can't wait for their September wedding in the wine county. It's going to be stunning.

In the spirit of the bride, and for today's Friday post, here are some images of white dresses. White is popping up everywhere in the stores and is a sure sign that spring is coming. Have a fabulous weekend!


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