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Monday, March 21, 2011

~ Natalie Spencer Photography ~

Think back to when someone inspired you to do what you love...maybe it was a teacher who stood in front of the class, and you daydreamed you would love to be like them one day? Maybe it was your mom and one day, you grew up, appreciated her and wanted children of your own. I remember that specific moment with photography.

I was busy planning my destination wedding and stumbled upon someone ridiculously fabulous on a bridal planning site. I looked at her work and later wrote about her and her many amazing talents back when I first started my blog a year ago.

Through the past year and a half, her and I have kept in touch and she's given me hints and tricks and advice about my photography. I instantly wanted to know the specifics of how her photos looked so amazing. Of course no photographer is going to give up all their secrets! That's what it's all about...working hard and creating your own signature brand.

There is a fine line between a muse and a copycat. I love her style but am conscious and careful not to copy it. When accused by someone of such, I contacted my muse to which she answered that I am inspired by her...and one piece of advice she learned in school was that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Her and I have shared some personal stories with each other. Isn't it amazing how you can connect with someone without knowing them? The internet has forever changed the way we communicate with people. I met my husband on a dating site and I often tease him that I "put a spell on him". What, you didn't know that I am a witch who can do such a thing?

This weekend I have the chance to shoot with my muse in Ottawa. Michael and I will then carry on to Montreal; a city in which he has never ventured to. (Be prepared for some fabulous creations on his blog from our inspirational trip).

There are some things in life that are a certainty besides death and taxes. For certain there is never enough money. For certain, there will always be bills to pay. And for damn well certain, if you want something bad enough in life, you will find a way to make it happen.

Nobody said it was easy.

Check out my fabulous muse, Natalie Spencer here:

** P.S. Natalie designed both my logo for my photos as well as Michael's on Verses From My Kitchen. Contact her if you are looking for a creative logo for an affordable price.

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