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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I don't know what got into me today. Usually, I loathe the idea of Halloween. On any given day or night, I'm scared of my own shadow. I am tortured by scary movies or commercials and can't stand the feeling of fear. When I used to live on my own or with a roommate, I'm certain I called the police at least 20 times when suspecting a villain breaking in.

On this cold and dismal Sunday afternoon, I met with a colleague and friend who I was interested in shooting with and learning from. She took me to the Apps Mill in Brantford where there were trails and an old boarded up building that she said was always locked up. We rounded the corner and I shrieked in delight and fear that there was a window kicked in, and that we could enter through there. "You first," I encouraged her. There was a rusty old bucket that we were able to step down on as we entered the filthy, dusty, cobweb ridden place of the past.

Huge pieces of ancient machinery resided with stacks of wood, old signs and to my dismay, a dead carcass of some sort of maggot infested bird. My friend started ascending up the creaky and rickety old stairs to the second floor where the only signs of daylight crept in and danced as if taunting us through the cracks of the building as well as the dusty old window panes. My knees felt weak and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck but it was well worth the cool shots we got.

It was scary, but not near as scary as some of the costumes that came to our door tonight trick or treating. The kids are so cute but I hate clowns of all ages!!

Happy Halloween, 2010!!

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Laura said...

This was a really great time, especially since after all these years, I finally got to see what it looked like inside this place. I want to go back soon and see if it's still open - I would like to get a few more shots of the old crap that was in there. The whole time we were in there you kept saying "my knees are shaking" :)