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Monday, October 18, 2010

New beginnings

I once had an estranged cousin call me "bi-polar." I do know that I am someone who has very simple needs mixed in with complex emotions. You see, when I feel, it's to the extreme of emotion. When I love you, I'll love you forever. When you hurt me, I'll forgive you but never forget. When I'm sad, I'm extremely down and when I'm joyful, I'm through the roof with happiness.

I'm not sure that transcends into bi-polar disorder but there are some who I'm sure think I'm completely and utterly mad in the head! I cannot pay attention for the life of me to something that does not interest me. Try as I might, my brain can't focus on something that bores me. Bi-polar, no. ADD? Maybe! My husband always says there are so many layers to Wendy Alana Clark-Lewicki. Today is three years since we had our first date. We joked how reserved and proper I was for the first year of our relationship. On our third date, he knew that I wanted more potatoes but I politely declined, even upon his insistence to take his leftovers. Now, I finish my meal as fast as you can say "Hoover Vacuum" and usually reach over for his when I'm done. That's the thing about love and time. You can eventually just be yourself, no matter how kooky or zany that self may be.

I've recently made a drastic decision in my life. I quit my office job with no plan or new job lined up. You see, I literally felt a push towards the door; was it God's hand? I'm not sure. All I know, is it's been 20 years of working for someone else, and a good chunk of time spent in beige cubicle walls, lost in thoughts of all things lovely but no joy in my soul. I didn't realize what a big decision this was until a number of people, including the President of the company, told me that I was courageous and brave to take a step in the direction of the unknown. I've been called ballsy, stupid, irresponsible, risky, admirable and inspirational. Some people love me for who I am, wholly and completely.

Whatever the future may hold, I have Faith that things will work out. My mother says that I always land on my feet no matter how high the jump or goal. There are several ideas in the works. As I take my journey into the unknown, I thank so many people for supporting me and also tearing me down because both have given me the strength to push forward and do what I'm meant to do.

Whatever that is.

Here are some recent photos I've taken and edited. I hope you enjoy.

A special thank you to my amazing husband who unquestionably supports my quest and journey, and simply wants happiness for his wife always. My God, I love you Michael.

Song is by The Verve, Bittersweet Symphony. I first heard it in the movie "Cruel Intentions."
Everytime a new change is happening in my life, I hear this song. When I left my job in Toronto, I walked down Front Street towards Union Station and the song blasted from a local radio station truck, as about a million birds scattered when I walked towards. It was an epic moment I'll never forget.

Love to you all,


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