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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Making a list, check it twice and then unplug.

I've often wondered if I have a bit of OCD when it comes to ensuring the doors are locked, the coffee maker is unplugged and my hair straightener is turned off. I once came home to a smoke engulfed apartment because I left my oscilating fan on all night one sweltering August evening.

I drive my husband crazy because like clockwork, we'll just get on the highway and I'll ask him if he shut the iron off. He looks at me and asks why I hadn't thought to check that small detail when we were actually still home.

Every morning, I ask him before he goes to work if his cell phone is charged, if he has his wallet, if he's taken his pills and if he's wearing his MedicAlert bracelet. Every evening I ask if he is sure we have locked all the doors, windows and let the cat inside.

Last night I was so damn tired that I forgot to ask any of the very important questions. I woke up this morning, started the coffee and started to clean the house. After taking the dog for a walk, I went to clean the stove and noticed that our gas burner was on. Replaying our evening last night, I knew that the water had been boiled at around 8pm and we ate shortly after that. It's noon on Saturday and this means that our gas stove was on for 16 hours and we are still alive to tell the story.

So the next time someone chides you about double checking something regarding your safety, it's definitely better to be safer than sorry and take the extra five minutes to check.

I literally think I'm going to create a checklist and photocopy about 100 of them and put it in my purse before I leave the house to ensure everything is turned off and unplugged. When you consider the alternative of losing your loved ones, pets and household of memories, it's probably not as crazy as it sounds.

Make a list, check it twice, and unplug.

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