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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ladies, I salute you.

This post is short, and to the point. Quite frankly, I've learned that the only possible reason that we go through B.S. in life, is to later learn and appreciate the exact opposite scenario.

To the amazing women in my life from the past and present, I thank you.

There are many forms of relationships that we place priority on. Of course, our relationship with parents, children, siblings and spouses are of utmost importance. There is something however to be said for keeping company with equally other amazing relationships; friends, neighbours, coworkers or associates.

I make it a point to let people in my life, specifically women, know how special they are to me.
In the past six months of living in Brantford, I have had the sheer pleasure of interacting with some of the most amazing, kind and strong women I have ever met in my entire 34 years of life. I came home tonight from an evening full of laughs and jokes, and my husband shook his head and chuckled that women laugh at the stupidest things (yeah, like farting with the guys is so much more intelligently hilarious).

To the women who have touched my life either then, now or later, I salute you. Sometimes, there are moments, where everything just makes so much sense. People surprise you every step of the way. It truly warms my heart to see such sisterhood at times.


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Jean M said...

I would have loved to be there tonight, but it's hard for me with the kids during the week.
Cheers to you also.