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Thursday, October 7, 2010

~ The pursuit of happiness ~

Do you believe in angels? I have always had a deep sense of the supernatural and paranormal but I can't actually say that I believed in such things as UFO's, ghosts and angels. Afterall, to see something with one's own set of eyes is to believe it, right?

I have believed on more than one occasion that someone is looking out for me. I'm not quite sure who it is, but everytime I've seen a psychic or medium for fun and entertainment, they always say something about a man standing over my shoulder. To be honest, it creeps me out when having a conversation with someone, and they are looking past me at something that I cannot see.

I think I had an experience with an angel. I was going through a rough time in my life and was so extremely down and sad due to a breakup of someone I thought I would be with for a long time. I will never forget this day. The relationship was going badly and I had lost a whole wack of weight. I didn't even recognize the sadness in the reflection in my own eyes. I dragged myself to the Walmart at Keele and Lawrence; definitely not the creme de la creme of people shopping in this store. Scary gangster punks infiltrated the store and shopping plaza. I had big sunglasses on to hide my big bags of sadness. I stopped in the kitchen aisle and felt this magnetic-like pull to the right of me. I looked over my shoulder and this extremely well dressed black man was standing there smiling at me. He had a pair of black and white scarps of a different generation 50 to 100 years back. He had on a suit and a fedora and the presence of a historical figure who just stepped out of a time machine.

He walked over to me, put his hand on my right shoulder and said in his deep southern, caramel smooth tone of voice: "Child, you're much too beautiful to cry. Smile. Things will get better." I took my glasses off to wipe my eyes and turned to thank the man, and he was gone. I shook my head and walked through the entire store to find him but to no avail. I left Walmart, no purchase in hand and drove home in a calm daze. No, I was not drunk and did not hallucinate this conversation. I felt as if I was being guided home and the burdens of my soul lifted.

Life has an interesting way of working out. In the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", Will Smith's character Chris is faced with some unfortunate circumstances and is looking out for his son's well being. He gets a job as a stockbroker but nearly turns the job down as he finds out it is unpaid. Despite his personal challenges, he never reveals to his colleagues his struggles and in one particular scene, his boss asks to borrow five dollars, in which he loaned him hesitantly. Five dollars to Chris was clearly more than he could afford. After working hard and cleverly proving his worth, the company offers him the job. At the end of the movie, in a twist of dramatic irony, his boss hands him the five dollars he owed him for the cab ride.

Yesterday, I met with my friend and wedding planner Mary. I had written a few blog posts for her in which she paid me. I completely forgot about an unpaid post and before our meeting yesterday, she handed me two five dollar bills. One taped together and the other brand new. I asked her what it was for and she responded it was for my last blog post.

We go through life worrying way too far in the future. In a twist of fate and circumstance, our situations could change in an instant. It's important to realize that everything always works out. When you give, even when you don't have, with a little faith, you'll always get it back whether it's in the form of a five dollar bill or catching a break in a different manner.

When you're sad, there is always someone either near or far, here or above feeling our pain and willing to listen.

If you're really lucky, you'll meet a well-dressed angel who you'll never forget.

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