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Monday, October 4, 2010

What's your dream?

What do you want to be when you grow up? In the spirit of halloween, where for one day, you can dress the part of something else; usually something similar or totally opposite of something you aspire to be, I got to thinking about dreams and fantasies. At the beginning and end of the blockbuster hit "Pretty Woman", a man's deep voice ponders the question of what's your dream? He said that everyone who comes to Hollywood has a dream and repeatedly asks, "What's your dream?"

It's interesting that almost everyone I talk to, ends up working in a completely different profession than what they went to school for. I myself graduated with a Bachelor of Arts but ended up in business. Friends of mine studied the sciences and ended up as teachers or doing something creative. My friend and wedding planner Mary, was in neuroscience research as her career and wedding planning on the side and one day, was faced with a choice between the two, due to the mere maximum of 24 hours in a single day.

Girls weekend away this weekend led to a round table discussion of the things you aspired to do either as a child gazing into the future, or a niche that brings about a talent, a passion or dream.

I think there is a way that you can incorporate your dream with your reality. For example, I love to write and in any business capacity, I've always enjoyed the written part of the job whether it's creating procedures, reports, emails, newsletters or correspondence. A photographer could be in charge of the social events of their company or play an imperative role in social media. A mother could offer tips and comfort to staff. A sports enthusiast could encourage health and wellness in the company.

My mom always wanted to be a nurse growing up and still muses that she should have went to school to do so. In the same yet different capacity, she's working with small children at a before and after school program and offers that same love and compassion she would have poured into nursing, to both the children and parents alike.

Sometimes, I think the path we set out for ourselves as children seems so drastically different than the one that we currently lead and yet if you look to the root of where we are in our work, family and spiritual lives, social surroundings and what we do for hobbies and recreation by choice, we aren't all that far off the beaten path. The fork in the road is actually taking us down a rural route that ends up at the destination we are meant to so safely arrive.

Finding joy and purpose in everything everyday can be challenging and sometimes cloudy at best, but if you can take off the blinders and look closely, chances are you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Don't agree with me? Well at least you always have one day a year at the end of October when you can dress up and get lost in costume as someone else.

Everybody has a dream.

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