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Monday, October 4, 2010

Jennifer Lopez: This is me....then

In light of the new judges of this season's American Idol, here are some images of one of the panel's newest rookies and the oldest fly girls: Jennifer Lopez. Although I've heard she's a diva and in my opinion, an extremely annoying actress, there's no denying she's a true latin beauty with gorgeous skin, beautiful style and an ever-changing wardrobe. Sure, money and fame can buy a great body, closet full of clothes and access to the best stylists, but she still works hard on multiple projects such as her music, movies, fashion line and most importantly, motherhood and marriage.

J-Lo's "This is me...then" album came out a few years back and I cranked it day and night in my little red Honda Del Sol convertible. Those songs held special memories for me one particular summer and remind me of what youth and spontaneity are truly all about. I will never forget the summer of 2003.

She was the perfect person to recruit the remake of the "Flashdance" original video.

These are for you, J.

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