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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ticking Stripe

I married someone with the last name Lewicki, and who's nickname is "Lewickipedia", lovingly donned upon him by his friends due to his incessant need to discover all things information. We could be in the middle of a conversation, a dinner party or a tropical vacation and if someone needs to know the answer, whether it's related to pop-culture, the proper spelling of a wild mushroom's correct name or the 2nd last word in the chorus of the lyrics to a song, Michael must find the answer. Right at that moment.

We were sitting at Chapters one evening and I was flipping through home decor books. I discovered two new pieces of information. Perhaps useless to some, however for me it simplified my Google searches. I love those fancy antique sofas but never knew what they were called and I found one that I adored. It was called a "settee" and it was in a fabric that I have been trying to describe forever.

We were in the Pacific Mall in Toronto, often referred to as the "Chinese Mall" which is notoriously busted and shut down for reasoning of vendors selling knock off designer labels and pirated black market movies that are still in theatres. I fell in love with a dress and decided I must have it for my bridal shower and I thought, if I could just take this material and stuff it with foam, I'd have some very cool striped pillows for my bed.

The problem is, when you try to research "stripes", you get an entire array of images that were not narrowed down enough for my liking. The settee I was describing above, was in this same fabric and as I delved further into the article, realized it was called "Ticking Stripe".

I was so excited, came home and wrote this blog, as well as found these images. It reminds me of a beachy, zen-like, nautica feel and on linens, would probably be found at your friend's rustic cottage yet in fashion, could be paired with some khaki's for a very Ralph-Lauren advertisement feel.

Happy Easter everyone and thanks for the blog love! xo

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kathy said...

Mum is right. You have talent for certain wendy. I enjoyed this little article.