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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Geek Chic Glasses

When I was young, I had buck teeth, knobby knees, a speech impediment and a lazy eye.
It's a great thing I wasn't born in this generation, as kids these days can be oh so cruel. I remember when I had to get glasses to correct my eye. I was so excited to pick out the frames which were a purple shade of mauve, only to get to school and be picked on and called "Four Eyes." Years later, when I'm tired, I still have the lazy eye but I sport a pair of Gucci frames, yet low and behold, "Geek" is now in style!

I'm loving these thick black rimmed glasses you can find in both thrift shops and high end designer collections.

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natalie spencer photography said...

haha so funny! love these glasses...Mercedes can pull them off so not so much:)