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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The friend who got away

You know, so many songs, movies and poems are written about the loss of a relationship, but it usually is referring to romantic love, and the heartache you feel when you're going through a break-up.

It seems almost taboo to talk about when you've lost a friend for whatever reason. Have you ever just wondered what happened to a girlfriend who got away? Do you feel that sense of dread when someone brings up her name in a mutual conversation? You almost feel ashamed that the relationship has come to an end.

I had a very close friend for almost 10 years who just walked away from both her husband and myself to start a new life, with no explanation why or what she was thinking and it has been more difficult for me than any breakup of a boyfriend I have ever been through. Maybe it's the fact that there is a sister-hood about girlfriends; a loyalty that should never be broken but when it is, it can be life-changing and devastating.

I stumbled upon this book many years ago and picked it up. "The friend who got away" is an interesting read on this subject, as it recounts 20 different friendships that failed or went awry and the interesting thing is, in some cases you get both sides of the story from each friend.

If you've ever lost a girlfriend, not to death, but for reasons really hard to even explain, this book may aid in the healing process.


Anonymous said...


I am definitely going to read the book! The loss is hard but sometimes makes you realize that perhaps the relationship that you considered so special was just another "thing" to the "friend". More than a little hard to swallow, especially for those who hold friendships so dear to their hearts. With you in mind it is your "friends" loss, you are a wonderful, wonderful friend!

Wendy Lewicki said...

This must be Amber writing!! :)
I can so tell from your style.

katney said...

testing the comments