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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Bridget Jones Moment

Do you too suffer from the occasional foot in mouth disease?

Today, I did such a thing.

You know how in the movie Bridget Jones, you just cringe from the awkward things she says and does and can't help but giggle (yet secretly are glad it's not you!)

I am working in a different office this week than usual. I must add, the view from the office is spectacular. The sun is glistening off the Grand River and sitting on the 6th floor with the city of Cambridge in view is stunning.

Anyhow, I went to the restroom and I said to the man in front of me with a buzz cut and stocky build..."Excuse me, this is the ladies room." She turns around and looks herself up and down, looks back at the sign on the door and said, "Yeah? And? The last time I checked, I was a woman." I muttered under my breath a "sorry" and just wanted to die.

Then I quickly ran back inside to verify that it wasn't a Partner's wife who was bringing lunch in for the staff today during busy tax season. Thank God it was not.

Bridget Jones move: Not diverted, but could have been worse.

It could always be worse. Right?

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