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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday and I can't leave my last post of the week discussing chairs....let's talk shoes!

Most of my readers I'm sure are female, by nature of the topics that I'm posting. Now that I've got your attention with today's title, let's not spend too much time talking, and more time LOOKING at these beautiful things called shoes. I've posted some images of my favourites.

For me, my love of shoes started when I was a little girl. I would look in my mommy's closet and see rows and columns of boxes upon boxes, all labelled in black magic marker. They would read things like: "Black pumps with white bows" (It afterall was the 1980's), red flats, saddle shoes etc. I remember adoring my Cyndi Lauper album, and constantly looking at the back image and thinking how cool she was, and how badly I wanted those high heel shoes or the famous (errr infamous) ZZ Top Video "She's Got Legs"....I longed for those ruffle socks and pumps you see at 3:23 (three minutes, 23 seconds) into the song (see here):

For the past 8 years, I have been trying to get my hands on a pair of reasonably priced Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm not really much into labels and prefer unique clothing, over a name that 400 other people would have or recognize but these particular Louboutin shoes are classic, beautiful and I first saw them on actress Kirsten Dunst; she had them in every colour! Since then, I've spotted them on Angelina in both black and leopard print but even a used pair start at over $500. They are the "Helmets" you see above with the pointed toe and open side. When I was bridal shoe shopping, I researched (for fun) some expensive designer shoes and found that Louboutin offered a unique shoe for brides, with an original baby blue sole. Everyone who knows this designer, knows that his shoes are trademarked with a red lacquered sole so these baby blues are a rarity. Alas, the price for these were $1200 and they were being sold as used shoes on E-bay, although I've since learned you can actually now get them made this way in the store, if you're ever in the neighbourhood of let's say, France?

I'll have to settle for the photos. :)

If you ever have any questions about finding a particular style, name, brand or location of fancy footwear, I've found someone who will promptly and accurately respond to you.

Check out Shoe Bunny for any information, or just your daily eye candy.

Carrie Bradshaw, my fictional muse from t.v. series "Sex and the City" has revolutionized and raised the stakes of footwear. I'll never forget relating to one particular scene in an episode during the third season. She was trying to come up with a down payment on a home, when realizing all her friends were home owners and she really had nothing investment wise. Her and her girlfriend Miranda were sitting in a shoe store, and Miranda asked her, how many pairs of shoes she owned, and she retorted perhaps 1o0? Miranda did the math; 100 x $400 a pair = the down payment for her home. Carrie was astonished that she spent $40,000 on shoes but had nowhere to live and quirked that she would literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. I'll admit to overspending throughout the years and relishing in my latest purchase more than I ever thought I would enjoy a mortgage payment. Hence, my gypsy lifestyle of renting in Toronto for ten years. Unless you've walked in those shoes, you would probably think I was crazy.

Most females love their shoes. Their wardrobes are filled with many that are either in style, out of style, too expensive, too pretty but not practical to wear and all of the above. That's something that will never change from generation to generation and it's all Dorothy's fault.

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