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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Carrie Diaries

Cleverly due to launch, right before the long awaited sequel "Sex and the City 2," is The Carrie Diaries, which takes readers through the hallways of Carrie Bradshaw's high school years. I must say, I'm not overly excited to debunk the "who" and "what" that made Carrie who she was portrayed to be on the show. (Does this sentence seem awkward to you? I read it three times and it doesn't sound right.) There's something wonderful about the fact that in a world where the need to know everything is incessant, the viewers know barely anything about the cast's relationship with parents, siblings or high school friends. We are left to piece together the reason and circumstance as to why the characters are the way they are and how four seemingly different women, grew to become best friends. We don't know what drove Miranda to become a lawyer, Charlotte to be interested in Art, Samantha in Public Relations and Carrie a writer. We were given glimpses as to where these women may have evolved from in a few memorable episodes (Miranda's mother dying, Carrie's non-existent relationship with her father,) however the allure of the show is that they focus on mostly the present, while reflecting on past mistakes; careful to never be too specific or revealing. Unlike today, where we feel the need to label someone as our "best friend or BFF", you never really know which of the four ladies are closest. (I personally feel it's Carrie and Miranda.) In some episodes, we are left to guess. We don't even know the details of how these friends first met, but when small hints seep out during the episodes, you find yourself glued to the tube.

See below scenes and let me know if it affected you the way it did me:

Carrie and Miranda argue over Big

Carrie and Miranda argue over Petrovsky

Miranda saying "Go get our girl"

You find out when Miranda's mother passed away, that Miranda, always strong and cynical, really just felt like she never fit in with her family as a single career woman. You find out in an episode where Carrie gets a job writing for Vogue, that she probably made wrong choices in men all her life due to the lack of a father figure. You find out when Mr. Big leaves Carrie at the alter, that Charlotte really isn't so meek and mild and I still get chills when I see the scene of her enraged, because that is exactly how you would feel, or would want your "BFF" to react if that same situation happened to you.

Carrie gets stood up and Charlotte freaks!

My husband often says to me that I'm fooling myself if I think that my past doesn't shape who I am today. "How could it not?" he ponders. Every mistake, hurt, triumph, disappointment, reverie, risk, experience and memory shape you to be who you are and even when you would like to believe you've grown up and overcome obstacles, when you least expect it, sometimes that scared little girl sneaks up on you.

I'm a die-hard Sex and the City fan, so I know I'll probably buy the book. I'm just not sure I want to read it. Sometimes, the mystery and fantasy is what makes people attractive in the first place. If you think about a new friend or the process of dating, there is much more allure in the initial stages as you really don't know that much about these people. It's much more intriguing when you unravel the layers over time.

The interesting thing about life is that we all were born as innocent children who moved through the stages of life as it was dealt to us. I think it's safe to say that no mortal is spared some sort of pain and challenging situations in their life's span. When you are getting to know someone, it's important (albeit sometimes difficult) to make no judgements based on their current flaws because, well, everyone in the present also has come from a past that could contribute to being wonderful, angry, distrusting, loyal, aloof or scared.

Me? I don't think there's much mystery or allure about me. I am a private and shy person by nature yet ironically write my most personal thoughts on a public forum and am fortunate that people are reading and enjoying it. But...would you really want to buy my book about how I got here?

And this one's for you Mary.....

A Farewell to Sex and the City....

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Susan, Frank, and Sophie said...

I feel the same as you do. I'm a huge SATC fan and I'm not sure I want to read the book. I love the examples you gave of where throughout the series we get hints of what has made these women who they are now; I'm not entirely convinced we need more than that. And even though it's written by Candace Bushnell, I have this feeling it's going to feel like "fan fiction", you know? Do we have to have her backstory completely laid out for us? Not sure I'm interested. I'd like to buy it but I'll have to page through it and see.

I also agree about Miranda probably being the one she's closest to. I've always thought so.

And one of my all-time favorite SATC scenes ever was when Charlotte went all ragey on Big in the street after leaving the church in the movie. Gives me chills too. I LOVED that she reacted that way. It brought tears to my eyes in the theater.

And am I the only one who thinks the second movie isn't necessary? I thought the first movie was the most perfect endcap to the series, a wonderful way to finally and completely wrap up the ladies' storylines and send them on their happy ways. It was fantastic and special and exciting. And ending to end all endings. So what can possibly happen to them now? I'm not sure I want to see Carrie debate with Big (and herself) over having children and I certainly don't want to see them - or any of the others - deal with a(nother) marriage crisis; been there, done that with Miranda and escaped with a happy ending for all. If there's another, I don't think they (or we) will be as lucky. So outside of big, life-changing events and crises, are we going to get, basically, a 2-hour episode?

Well, anyhoo, I appreciate your thoughts on this! It's hard to find fellow SATC fans on my neck of the woods to chat with these things about. :)