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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shoestring Shopping Guide

I'm all about finding the deals and bargains in life. Instead of pretending something is expensive, I proudly announce my 5 buck bargain to anyone who asks. Winners used to be my favourite bargain vice, however not too long ago, I remember excitedly picking up a Prada wallet, only to find that the sale price was five hundred dollars! At Winners! If I'm going to spend that kind of price at a discount store, I'd rather have the real thing, real experience, customer service, bag, champagne and all.

There are two main warehouse sales I frequent every year. The first is The William Ashley Warehouse Sale which I usually attend at least twice a year. My favourite bargains begin with the Woodwick candles that you find at Chapters for 40 bucks, on sale for $9.99. They actually have a wood wick in the centre (hence the name) that make you feel like you're sitting alongside a crackling fire.

They have Christmas decorations galore, and you can find my husband loading his cart up with more kitchen stuff than I believe we need (but what do I know about that department of the home?) If you want a really nice china set or any Royal Doulton items, these items are marked way below retail pricing and there is always an item that is advertised as the "Deal of the Day" where you can get things like stainless steel bar sets for a buck. It's a great way to load up on stocking stuffers or year round gifts. Just don't leave your cart unattended; these shoppers (mostly ladies) are ruthless!

Perfume and cosmetics are not cheap. Lisa's Cosmetics in Markham houses a wide array of perfume/cologne, bags, makeup and skin care and it's not knockoff. I bought Michael a 100 ml bottle of the newest Lacoste cologne for $40 and myself my Christian Dior Addict which retails over $100 in The Bay for $50 and it's still lasted me two years later.

The Toronto Star features a column called The Shoestring Shopping Guide where you can find weekly warehouse sales in the GTA as well as written columns.

Start the car and go!

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