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Saturday, April 24, 2010

♫ Lately ♫

Lately you'll find a few CD's (yes, I still buy those old fashioned things) on repeat in my home and car.

I'm loving this sultry smokin' hot voice of Gin Wigmore, a New Zealand native who's voice is a cross between Amy Winehouse, Macy Gray and Adele.

Great for funky dinner music is St. Germain's acid jazz. I've had this album Tourist since 2001 and never tire of it. The entire album is great for background ambiance on a Saturday night but specifically these two songs. Don't give up until the music really kicks in. As my friend Mark Park's really "Groovy."

I picked up this album at a second hand music store. Katherine Jenkins is someone I think to watch out for. How could someone so young, have such a hauntingly beautiful voice? When I'm cleaning my house on Sundays or chilling out reading the newspaper, we throw on her CD. Still, in the opera category, to me, nothing matches Sarah Brightman. Her voice brings me to tears, specifically this song.

A friend of my mother in law embraces music to the next level. He has a stereo system that would blow your mind and hears things that the average ear would not pick up. He has thousands of albums, CD's, literature and burns us all hundreds of cd's, in which he methodically categorizes in a binder so he knows which genre we like or what he has already given us. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in the music scene, and then this 70 year old man passed along some new artists I had never been privy to and really opened my mind to some new artists. How cool is that!

Some of my favourites: If you have time...give your ears a treat and listen to the selected songs in their entirety.

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