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Friday, April 9, 2010

French Country and Bergère Chairs

I've always been in love with French Country, I just didn't know that this is what it was referred to. As I've been spending more time researching design for our new home, I've been drawn to the white wash look of furniture, heavy drapery made from luxurious fabric, textured walls and rustic pieces.

We've stumbled upon an amazing store in Cambridge, Ontario called "Cornerstone". Lynn Spence from Cityline also lives in Cambridge, and refers to every item in the store as "scrumptious".

Everything in this store has an imported feel. I would safely say that half the stocked items are of Asian influence and half French Country or popular right now, "vintage". We bought a worn and distressed looking bookcase with rolling ladder, and I'm in love with a 500 year old soapstone table that took 4 men to carry it into the store and 3 months to get here by sea.

What I really love are the bergère chairs. A bergère chair is a large arm chair usually associated with the French Country style of decorating. It usually has an upholstered seat, possibly with a loose cushion, an upholstered back, upholstered arms and exposed wooden frame. These chairs are often displayed with a matching ottoman or stool.

Here are some examples that suit my fancy:

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