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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Whilst planning my wedding, I went a little (err a whole lot) crazy with spending. I never realized there were so many choices out there until I started doing research. The receptionist at the company I work for would page me over the loud speaker and say: "Wendy, are you online shopping again? There is another delivery here for you." (For the record, I never knew how easy online shopping could be until my dear friend Roxanne showed me just how simple it could be!) Almost every item for my wedding, I ordered via the World Wide Web, from my shoes, barefoot sandals, necklace from Turkey, dress, wedding favours, veil, purse, bathing suit, mother of the bride/groom shirts etcetera. It was just too easy.

Enter: Bonzie, stage left.

Instantaneous love at first sight. Upon further investigation of their beautiful creations, I discovered this Irish independent fashion label was made up of an aunt and niece duo. The thought of my Aunt Margaret and myself whipping up fashions in a studio together made me chuckle and smile. I'm quite sure the two of us would spend the day laughing, rather than creating some sort of fashionable item.

I ordered the most beautiful ivory organza shoulder wrap that came delivered, as promised on time and in perfect condition. The best part of the experience was the package itself. There was a hand written scroll, wrapped in a vintage-like twine, wishing me well on my wedding day.

Thanks for the love, all the way from Ireland.

Bonzie has been praised in written press, through online reviews and on television.

Below is a link to their website, blog and shop, as well as a few of my favourite still shots and the piece that I was blessed to wear to my at-home reception.

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