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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remembering the magic.

Photo courtesy of Laura Brown's Photography

Lately my brain is so full of information overload that I find it hard to remember things. There were so many moments in Dominican that I didn't want to forget so I wrote them down. In life, the everyday mundane moments seem to slip through your memory banks like sand through your fingers.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a gala with some great friends. There was a silent auction and one glass piece was up for bid. The woman who made it was in the audience and is also sadly losing her battle with cancer. The closer we seem to get to the other side, the more freaked out I seem to get.

I've done some pretty insane things in my life. There are some moments when I look back and wonder how I made it out alive. These are also the memories that gave me thrills, chills and will forever remain engrained in my head. Lately I find in speaking with people, we are all restless and bored of the same old same old. We are all searching for the magic moments that make us feel alive, special, needed. Electric.

Too many times, we do the right thing based on what people will think, judge or react to.
I say fuck it. Never have regrets. I don't. I'm sure I've been judged. I'm sure how I choose to live my life is less than conventional. Nobody can ever say that I haven't lived my life the way I've wanted.

We only travel this road once. Make some unforgettable magic.

I love this scene in the recreation of Romeo and Juliet. Young hearts, run free.

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Janette Dengo said...

I love your outlook on life.... the world need more humans like you. ♥