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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ernie + Michelle Engagement: You don't drink coffee?

Think back to your first day of elementary school or University when you started out not knowing a soul. Your eyes frantically scanned the room for someone you could sit with or share your lunch break. It's odd how the person you are usually drawn to ends up being a lifelong friend.

I signed up for a couple of novice photography courses and although at a much more mature age, you're comfortable eating your lunch alone and often times actually prefer it, I ended up chatting with a most adorable girl named Michelle. We sat side by side and rolled our eyes at the same time during the dry and boring sections of the course. We kept in touch and decided to schedule our next course together. We met ahead of time and had a coffee and chatted about life. I would soon find out Michelle and her fiance Ernie were having their wedding venue at the same place I had my reception.

Like any school course, you earnestly pay attention to the parts that interest you, and nod off during the sections that don't apply to you. In between these lapses, Michelle and I chatted wedding details. She had a chance to see my website and we discussed an engagement shoot as well as second shooting for her wedding.

Last night Michael and I headed to Burlington to meet Michelle and Ernie. What has started out as my own hobby, interest and now full time job has inspired Michael to get more experience in shooting live. Food photography is very specific and rigid but shooting people is much more dynamic and involves creativity, quick thinking and personality.

The four of us headed to Paletta Mansion. The weather was perfect and the grounds were breathtaking. It's always great to work with a couple who is open minded, vocal about what they want and most importantly, madly in love. These two were absolutely smitten with each other. For a few artistic shots, I purposely had them not smile and I quickly discarded these photos. For some couples, smiling seems forced but with Ernie and Michelle, their happiness and excitement shone through the private glances and stolen kisses exchanged all evening long.

We wrapped up our session and headed to Honey West for some drinks and appetizers. It's always great to get to know your couples on a more personal level. It felt like we were old friends sharing stories and laughs about our single days, the mishaps of blind dates and wedding planning with blended families. Michelle recounted the first time she met Ernie at Williams coffee house. He ordered hot chocolate and she quipped: "What, you don't drink coffee?" In which he answered "No." She continued...."Do you drink tea?" Another no. "Well do you at least drink alcohol?" Needless to say we shared some laughs over amber beer and fine wines last night and excitedly planned the next time we would see each other. Ernie very much reminded me of Michael. He is an engineer, he is calm and collected and plays by the rules. Michelle on the other hand reminds me of myself. She is a makeup artist, whimsical and has a care free spirit which just breezes through whichever direction the wind takes her. She is drawn to water and it was fitting that we took photos by the lake yesterday.

Ernie and Michelle, I am so thankful to have met you and to be capturing your sacred day in September. The look of love is something that sadly, can be so fleeting these days but it's inspiring to me, to have met a couple like yourselves who are so obviously amorous over each other. It's wonderful to take part in someone's day that in your heart and in your soul, you just know they'll be one of those couples that make it all the way until the end.

Enjoy a sneak peek of your session yesterday.



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norma marten said...

Love the pics - so natural! Of course, I'm only slightly biased!
(Ernie's) Mom