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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm alive: A bridal shower with a Mother's presence.

What can I say? I detest bridal showers. I almost always roll my eyes when invited to them. It's not that I'm ungracious or a total bitch. I've always been a shy person and I find sitting in a room full of women that I don't usually know, not always the most enjoyable way to spend my Sunday.

Today was a blustery, rainy, mess of a day. The kind of day you want to snuggle into someone special and curl up to watch a movie, or in my case, write. I couldn't have been more pleased to get my fat ass out of bed, get ready and head to Hamilton for my dear friend Jackie's wedding shower.

Jackie and I were acquaintances back in the day when we all used to party every weekend. Probably a good 15 years had passed when I had learned that her mother had passed away. Something within me needed to speak to her which I would find out later, today actually, that I had called at the exact moment she was ready to talk to someone.

You know we've matured when I introduced myself to an adorable young lady as her husband's old girlfriend, and we shared a few laughs. It's funny how when you are younger, especially as women, you really don't pay attention to other women from rival schools. As grown adults, we can all laugh at our childish behaviour and carefree days. Today I had the privilege of sharing a table with some most remarkable women. Considering how large this world is, it truly always seems to shrink itself down in size to a few very shallow degrees of separation. We got to chatting about life and it's importance. We all remember as brides, how important the details were. In the grand scheme of things, none of the flowers, centerpieces, favours or shoes matter if you don't have the most important people in your life to share in your day.

Jackie lost her mom a year ago and she has been in my thoughts ever since. Planning a wedding without your mother has got to be one of the most heartwrenching things a girl could go through. Listening to her speak today, so well composed and emotional really put things into perspective for me. Listening to the adorable young lady recount the story of how her mother passed away when her newborn was one day old put things into perspective for me. Listening to someone going through major life changes tell me today that my photography moves her emotionally put things into perspective for me. Listening to a gorgeous woman tell me that none of the bullshit in life matters without your loved ones put things into perspective.

Jackie and Rob, I wish you the most enjoyable time in planning your wedding. Congratulations on your new home, your engagement and most importantly your love for each other. Jacks, it's evident you are marrying into a family who loves you. Your bridal shower was gorgeous with so much attention to detail and thought put into it. You know I always tell you that your mother is always with you. She's in the butterfly that lands on you and follows you around when you are delivering mail. She's with you when you hear a song on the radio. She's with you when you look to the moon and she'll be very much alive and with you on your beautiful and very special wedding day.

I love you. For now, here are just a few of many photos from today. My gift to you.



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Evthoxia said...

The shots you took are both beautiful and touching. Your work is just wonderful.