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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can't take my eyes off you

I met Meghan at a hair shoot at the beginning of this year and was awestruck by her poise, natural beauty, height and above all her stoic personality. I think I literally and unprofessionally stared at her all day because I hadn't anticipated a world travelled model in my presence.

To think that someone this striking who has graced the covers of magazines and runways around the world, wanted me to take photos of her made my heart soar. She indicated she had more than enough studio shots and wanted some images with my specific style. I suggested a mutual location and she had to get ready in my car as her power was out in her Niagara region home. It was raining but she was game for anything. In later chatting with Meg, I discovered she is as intelligent and humble as she is drop dead gorgeous. I doubt her career in modelling would ever falter but if it did, this girl's got a career in Finance ahead of her, a beautiful soul and a great head on her shoulders.

It is wonderful to take someone's photo who is gorgeous, appreciative, professional and above all kind. Looking forward to our next whimsical photo shoot when the sun is shining! These photos reflect the moodiness of the weather that day and the music we were listening to. I always post process photos to the specific mood that I want to achieve in my photos. Pearl Jam was the perfect soundbite.

Here were some of my favourites:

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