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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The sunny side of life

A good friend of mine who was well on his way to becoming a Minister at one point in his life, offered me the following advice during some recent troubling times.

Remember people are all in different places in their life spiritually, or closer to or farther from, the light if you will. The more we walk in the light, the closer we become to God and the more we evolve in our journey. After we leave the physical world and we all will; all that will matter after that, is how much light we have in us, through our love and selfless acts of loving and helping others. Everything else will decay with the physical body. It a good thing when we listen to our conscience and do the good and right thing; it is the voice of God speaking. The real danger comes when you are so far from the light that you never can hear his voice and you may never indeed ever hear it. So, take peace and solace in knowing, you're on the right track with so many good people who like us, are discovering the sunny side of life.

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