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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mellow Yellow

I'm a big fan of no-name brands, and putting forth some effort in comparison shopping generic versus name brand items. There are some things however that you just cannot buy an Equality version of and expect the same product; things like cotton swabs versus Q-tips (seriously, they are useless and actually hurt!)

Dollarama is great for quick and easy items that you don't expect to last too long such as kids birthday supplies, gum and candles. I read once that you should never buy anything electrical such as extension cords or food such as chocolate as often times, it's made, not to code in China.

I bought a jar of honey which came in a small bear like container and for a buck, I thought it would be great in our tea since we were all out. Let me tell you, we took one taste of this and tasted some sort of unnatural chemical that surely had my mind reeling to the earlier reports of melamine traces being found in dollar store products.

We immediately threw that jar of honey in the garbage. This post has nothing to do with the dollar store and everything to do with the colour yellow which is associated with gold, mustard, sand and honey.

Enjoy these sunny images and remember, don't skimp out on the luxuries of life.

Dollar store coat hangers: Yes.

Dollar store honey: No.

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Laura said...

I am also a huge fan of no-name brands but yes, there are some items you cannot substitute. Here is a list of items I cannot substitute the cheap, generic brand for:

- Paper Towels/Kleenex (some are so thin they are pure garbage). Now I don't buy top notch aka Bounty Paper Towels with Sponge Pockets, I will go for a cheaper but brand name.

- Butter (this was trial & error since I bought two packages of Great Valu - Wal-Mart's brand - of unsalted butter. Never again).

- Toothpaste (it's gotta be Crest).

- Peanut Butter (if I don't buy all natural, it has to be Kraft).

- Honey (like you, I've been a victim to cheap and foul honey. I prefer Billy Bee or Sobeys brand Our Compliments).

There's more but I forget the rest ;)

Dollar store is a great place to find cheapies though I agree, the cotton balls there are better than the Wal-Mart variety.