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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The colourful sole - Choosing non-traditional wedding day shoes

When it comes to style and fashion, these days, anything goes.

A friend recently asked me for my opinion on white wedding shoes and I had to be bluntly honest. I can't stand white shoes on any regular day. Bridal shoes even more so seem to be incredibly tacky and unflattering.

A recent trend is for the bride to sport coloured wedding shoes. From the red or blue lacquered soles of Christian Louboutin , yellow or polka dotted heels, barefoot sandals for the beach or rubber boots in the rain, women are really choosing to up the ante when it comes to their bridal footwear. Not to be left out or shown up, grooms also have been seen in fun and funky socks and scarps.

Say goodbye to tacky bridal shoes and hello to a rainbow of opportunity for your special day.

If you must wear white shoes, don't buy them from a bridal shop. Search around for something different and special.

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