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Saturday, August 28, 2010

O-Ray O-Ray O-Ray O-Ray

Last evening, was the recipe for a perfect night spent. We had tickets to see Ray Lamontagne and David Gray at the Molson Amphitheatre. It was one of those warm and breezy August evenings that trigger many happy memories of the tropics or previous summers. We were with great friends who recently moved here from Montreal and had never experienced the CNE.

As you have to walk through the Ex to get to the concert, we wandered about like little kids with eyes scanning the brightly lit midway. We bought cotton candy, people-watched and played games.

If you've never seen a concert at the Amphitheatre, there really isn't a bad seat in the house. For more affordable seating, you can scoop up some lawn seat tickets for a reasonable price but fortunately for me, growing older allows room for more grown up purchases such as covered seats at a concert.

Before embarking to our seats, we munched on pub fare and draught beer and I saw a familiar face of someone I hadn't seen since my young days of Toronto partying. We reminisced and shared some laughs and catch up time, and took our seats.

The sky was starry, the air warm and to one side of us had a view of the CNE midway and the other, the CN tower. To the centre was one of the best live venues we've ever been to.

Ray Lamontagne, with his smoky, raspy and sultry voice was belting out tunes that had my girlfriend and I gasping and clapping in sheer delight! Our men were rocking to the tunes and enjoying the night. David Gray was headlining but his voice was a little rough. He apologized, in his oh-so-charming British accent that his vocals were taking a bit of a bashing.

The four of us were on cloud nine and despite our trains, trains and automobile saga of getting to Toronto and getting home at 2 this morning, it was well worth the journey!

Check out our favourite song of the night. The sound was absolutely amazing.

We all screamed loudly when he played You are the best thing which is going to be our friends' upcoming wedding song. This song gives me chills and when we heard it, the two couples turned to each other with adoring eyes, all of us feeling lucky and happy to be in love and to be loved.

Is there anything better?

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Michael Lewicki said...

Great article and a great show!