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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Eyebrow Experiment

Looking for an instant makeover? Did you know that the quickest way to change your look in an instant is with your eyebrow shape? Gone are the days when over-tweezed, over-arched or over-penciled in brows are fashionable. Don't believe me? Take a look at these brow "dont" and brow "do" images below.

Here are some before and after's of how eyebrows can change your face. Be careful when plucking or shaping. You may end up looking permanently surprised or angry if your brows are angled too high or too straight.

Consider Anastasia, eyebrow guru to the stars. I ordered her kit from The Shopping Channel and have loved it ever since. I myself have fallen victim to having one of those 30 x magnified mirrors in my bathroom and plucked every stray hair I could see. Unfortunately for me, they never quite grew back the same.

Whether you're waxing or threading, cleaning up your eyebrows is a sure-fire way to instantly perk up your face. Check out this before and after photo of Oprah herself after taming her wildly overgrown brows with Anastasia's products and tools.

You can pick up Anastasia's products at Sephora or other speciality shops. The kit I purchased included an amazing set of tweezers, stencils, eyebrow powder and brushes as well as gel to groom those wiry hairs that have a mind and direction of their own.

There are a few basic things to remember when shaping and grooming your brows.

1. Do not over-tweeze.

2. Do not use harsh pencil to fill in sparse spots. Opt for a softer powder and use angled brush instead.

3. Do not overextend the line. Eyebrows should start in line around the outer nostril and end not too far past the eye.

4. Remember, natural is better.

5. If you dye your hair, your eyebrows should somewhat match. Although some people can pull it off, you decide what looks best for your face.

My own brows are awful. I've tweezed throughout the years and they've never grown back. Thicker and fuller brows went out in the 90's and so did the remainder of my eyebrows so now I rely on coloured powder to fill in the sparse spots. I have brow envy for images such as these:

Eyebrows can change your facial expressions entirely. If you're not careful with your tweezers, you may scare people away with your seemingly angry face, no matter how jovial you may feel.

For actual tutorials on how to obtain great brows, you can always rely on the ever popular You Tube.

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