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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'll always remember to forget,
the things that made me sad
but I'll never forget to remember
the things that made me glad.

Can you hear my thoughts or read my mind?
I'm in my own private grief where I'm pressing rewind,
to the days of laughter, sunshine and smiles,
to see you again I'd travel for miles.

They say life is short and not to delay,
stop being proud and don't waste a day,
in telling your loved ones how you really feel
because when they are gone, the absence is far too real.

That warm summer evening just back in July,
we shared a private moment just you and I.
Many years had past and too many tears shed,
it was time to say "I love you", it needed to be said.

Under the star filled sky a song played, we danced to "Crazy" where we both sang
"I'm crazy for loving you."

It was time to mend the broken fence of unaccounted for and wasted time.
You are in my heart always and if you didn't know then, please know now,
that I have always loved you and never stopped.

Tonight, I grieve for many. I grieve for a husband who survived his angel. I grieve for two daughters who's mother was taken far too soon. I grieve for granddaughters who have many memories but who's time was cut short with their nana. I grieve for siblings who now have a missing link. I grieve for nieces and nephews who cling to their memories. I grieve for friends who have lost a listening ear and a bountiful laugh. I grieve for myself in this time of confusion and uncertainty.

I seek out answers about where we go in the afterlife yet find nothing comforting.

I can't find the answers.

One thing I know for sure: Love takes the sting out of harsh words exchanged.
Love trumps all.

Sleep peacefully.

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