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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Nothing lasts forever...."

Driving home from Binbrook yesterday towards our home, I saw something spray painted across the guard rail along the 403 that caught my attention.

"Nothing lasts forever....." the scrawled graffiti read.

This got me pondering. First, as I sat hand in hand with my husband, windows wide open and warm air cascading through the pane on our bare arms, sun on my face and beautiful music playing, I wondered, after a beautiful weekend spent, what this sign really meant.

Immediately I panicked at the thought of this loving person next to me not in my life.
I shuddered and couldn't bear the thought.

In relation to a recent devastating tragedy which has struck our family, I decided to see the positive in this phrase and similar to "This too shall pass," I suppose the pain will eventually heal. I've learned that in death, there is always a hole in your heart for the loved ones you have lost but in time, it's not as sharp of a stabbing pain in your heart as it is more a dull ache.

We must hold onto our happy experiences which eventually turn into memories, as life here is very transient and temporary. It's comforting to know that even in the most challenging of times, that nothing lasts forever and there are rainbows and fairy dust ahead.

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