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Friday, January 13, 2012

Strive and struggle.

Our anniversary came and went without much celebration. We have both been sick for the past couple of weeks. I knew the rest of this month was going to be busy so we worked furiously at getting better, getting well, getting strong.

This weekend brings two wedding consultations, a baptism shoot and a boudoir session. Much thought and preparation go into all of these areas of photography. I have inspiration folders and notes for each client and although the shoots themselves usually are quite spontaneous, it makes me feel better to be well prepared. Luck favours the well prepared, right?

Recently, I had a bride direct me to several photos I had taken and ask if we could do that for her wedding. I found this so interesting, as the photographs she had pointed out, were literally taken without any foreshadowing; like the bride by the toilet stalls, the cat on the wedding shoes and the grooms dancing in their underwear. 

As much as it is important to plan, it's also equally important to not overthink the moment and just shoot it.  Sometimes I find that although technically incorrect, my earlier work showed more creativity, as I didn't really have a clue about the technical side of photography when I first bought my camera. 

A year into this beautiful circus of photography, I have found a way to intertwine my creative soul with my compulsive need to plan and learn. I still strive and struggle, but isn't that the nature of an artist? To always improve, want better, create different?

Through strive and struggle, I never quit. And that's something I'm proud of.

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