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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be still.

Do you ever find yourself, in the deep and dark hours of the wee morning, lost in a cesspool of negative thoughts? What is it about that time of night/morning that makes everything so scary? We don't have those same thoughts or fears at 9 in the morning. Or do we? Are our thoughts burrowing deep within our subconscious, only to emerge when we've finally allowed ourselves to be still? As we lay our weary heads down in exhaustion, it is the negative thoughts that keep us awake at night. I play a mental game of ping pong, where the thought pops up and I try to squash it down, telling myself if I want to get some much needed rest, I will have to rest my mind. And be still.

It's harder than it seems. Oddly enough, last night I awoke at 3 am. I reached for my phone as if in familiar habit. You know, to check if the world had ended or something extraordinary that would cause me to rise from the warm snuggles of my husband. This had better be good I say to myself as the screen  lit up with emails and text messages.

I discovered my girlfriend was also awake and also thinking similar thoughts. She mused to me: I everyone truly forgettable? Are there not people in your life that you're like NO!! I really need this person in my life and I can't just forget them.

I recently read an article on teenage girls and Facebook, and how even if nothing detrimental was written about them, their mood became very unstable when looking at it. I'm 35 years old and still developing a sense of self so how could a 14 year old possibly know the difference between the sincere and the bullshit?

It is my opinion that our gadgets are turning us into emotionless, over-sensitized robots, never allowing us to sit just reflect.

Our minds are constantly cluttered and distracted. We are not allowing ourselves to really feel, to miss someone, to ponder, to take place of that time it takes to do such things, are our phones, emails, texts, tweets which fill in the time, and I guess essentially keep us company.

If this is true, and we are never truly alone, if at the press of a button we have someone to respond to our question or need, then why are so many of us walking around lost and empty?

Social media is very addicting, but as one teenager said to her mother, she is glad she has time restrictions on it....because it's a waste of a life.

Take time and reflect. Quiet your thoughts. Rest. You'd be surprised how much truth you can seek when not distracted.

Be still.



1 comment:

Megan said...

Very true, I find my self to often distracted with new blog posts and things I can learn.
Thank you for reminding me to sit and reflect :)