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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Keep breathing.

We proceed, curiously but cautious. Whether we are 15 and on our first date, or 70 and trying to find companionship.

All afraid of the same thing: a broken heart.

Yesterday I found myself giving advice to three completely different demographics, all going through the same thing. Trying feverishly to get over the pain of an ex boyfriend, husband or deceased spouse. Trying to figure out the mystery of dating, who pays for what, when to call, deciphering the cryptic messages that are left....even though they claim they don't play games but we find ourselves wondering, what did he mean by that?

It's all so exhausting, painful, frustrating. All in hopes that we find that love we read about, dream about, long for. All we can do is keep breathing. 

And never give up. No matter what.

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