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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The power of two.

Michael always says things always happen in three's and told me to leave the oven off last night, as I was hastily trying to put something on for dinner. He called me from the side of the road and had let me know he had hit a huge pot hole and ruined his tire and rim. The night before, we had an oven fire and he just felt that we shouldn't use the stove since it hadn't yet been checked or serviced.

I called CAA last night, only to find out, oh shoot,  they said, our membership had just expired. Fortunately, Michael's dad was nearby, came to help him with the tire (made him watch and learn how to change a tire, thanks John!) and he made it home safely.

Last night, I had the wickedest case of stomach flu. You know when you feel like death has hit you and at that moment, you have a conversation with God, begging and pleading to never worry about the small things and just please please make you feel better? Yeah. That was me. I awoke this morning groggy and weak, but feeling a bit better.

The plan was to drive Michael over to drop his car off to get fixed. He's in sales and on the road for a living so it needs to be attended to immediately. He can't take my car as I have a meeting with a future bride and her mom a little later today. We got in our cars, he drove away with the dummy tire on and I sat shivering in confusion as my cold car wouldn't start. Of course the CAA membership that I had reactivated last night, wasn't valid for 48 f***ing hours.

No worries. I know how to use jumper cables. Black on negative, Red on positive. Too bad the cables were stuck in the trunk of my car,  which was frozen shut. No worries. I got the old hairdryer out on an extension cord and Macgyver'ed my way to getting the cables. I have a hatchback car. I suppose I could have simply leaned in, pushed the seat forward and got in that way. That would have been too easy to think of. I guess I like taking the hard way around?

All is fine, all worked out. It always does. I'm just thankful I have someone to call or help. So many things like this would happen when I lived in Toronto and I used to pray that my life would get easier. Like the time my appendix almost burst and I went in surgery alone. Then my car got snowed in and I wasn't allowed to park on that side of the street, nor was I allowed to lift anything heavy (snow) for six weeks.
Or the time the tree fell on the live wire during the rain/ice storm right over my apartment. Like the time my sticker had expired, my car broke down, the landlords went away and shut the heat off on me, I had bronchitis, and the tow truck wouldn't tow my car because the sticker was expired. Not only that, he started to call me and show up to my apartment because he knew the landlords were not home. The time my fan caught on fire and I slept in that smoke filled place anyways. The time that huge bird flew in my window and knocked everything over, shitting all over everything it could find. The time my drunk ex boyfriend put the kitten on the roof and then peed in his laundry basket. The three years I spent in court, never so much as having a speeding ticket but not properly screening a crazy roommate with a wicked temper. The power outage, having no gas to get to my moms, no money, and nowhere to go. My ex boyfriend's girlfriend going missing and then, found dead and the investigators wanting to speak to me. It just went on and on. The dramas and the horrors.

My poor mother.

With my past behind me, but just far enough in sight for me to remember, I am thankful that a silly flat tire can be tended to so easily. Although a minor headache, I have someone to share those bumps in the road with. Someone who will never leave me stranded. Someone I can always call.

I am thankful there are two. I waited so long for two. The power of two.

Michael has saved me in so many ways. He saved me from loneliness, from pain and has helped me to deal with my inner demons and let me shine the way I'm meant to. It's still a battle, but with him in my corner, I surely can't lose. It's so comforting to know that you are not alone. Never alone again.

I love you Michael. We are approaching our two year wedding anniversary this Saturday and I still maintain that it was the happiest day of my entire life. So thankful for you and our life together. There will always be struggles on this journey but with you by my side, we will make it through. Together.



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