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Monday, January 17, 2011

Random acts of kindness.....

In a world of doom and gloom on the daily news, it's so touching to experience the random acts of kindness of strangers. I always say, if you feel a certain way about someone, or have heard great things, what's the use in keeping it to yourself? You may as well share that information with the source. This week I've had people help me with my website, offer me editing tips, phone me to walk me through the photography process during their work day, call just to say I was thinking about you, email me to let me know that our wedding was featured on a blog, and offer me a chance to assist at a wedding next Saturday and the majority of these people I do not even know nor have I ever met.

World, thanks for allowing us to taste the sour so we can most certainly appreciate the sweet in life. Pay it forward, and do or say something nice to someone you know or have never met. It's a great feeling.



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