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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jon & Shannon Engaged: From snowstorms to rainbows

Last night Michael and I celebrated our one year anniversary with a quiet night in. I wanted to be rested and ready for a very important engagement session today. The batteries were charged, equipment packed, research and notes taken and directions noted.

My cousin Jonathan and I were very close growing up. We are a year apart and were always very mischevious together. My grandmother would often remind us of a story where she was babysitting us and she was upstairs working on her Mary Kay business. Jon and I took every roll of toilet paper in her house and wrapped it over every single thing we could find, all the while giggling. We ran down the street at the sound of her booming voice that she was going to find us and tell our parents what rotten thing we did. We laugh about it now but that day we hid in a gulley as small children do when they know they are going to get in trouble.

As the years went on, our lives moved in different directions; he lived in Barrie and I lived in Toronto. We now find ourselves in close proximity and in similar stages of our lives once again.

In the summer, we were introduced to a lovely lady named Shannon whom in comparison to Jon, was as tiny as he was tall. They gazed into each other's eyes which cast that special catchlight that only new love will bring.

When we found out Jon and Shannon were engaged, I asked them if I could be so privileged to take some engagement photos of them. They were thrilled as was I and we planned our day in Bloor West Village today. This is where they live, where they had their first date and where they will spend the next few weeks until they move to a new place called home.

The skies were blue, the sun was shining and as I approached the highway, it became an absolute white out blizzard. The news reports said that a huge storm was on it's way and had taken everyone by surprise. In fact, the weather channel reported that there hadn't been this much snow forecasted in 2 years. Of course this was just my luck. I had a choice whether or not I wanted to carry on and well, you know the rest.

The streets of Bloor West were alive and electric and the rays of the sun reflected diamonds across the snow covered trees and store fronts. We all braved the cold and got some magical photos in which I hope they will be able to remember this wonderful and exciting time of their lives.

We sat and had lunch at a local pub and I asked them both what their vision was for their wedding. Like most couples, there are way too many components to ensure things go smoothly and by the end of it all, you realize you've changed your mind a million times. The only thing Jon mentioned he wanted, was for Shannon to be happy. In a matter of fact tone, that's what he reiterated the entire day.

Shannon and Jonathan, we all wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and joy together. You've both overcome many obstacles in life, but like today's weather, if you can fight your way through the snowstorms, you'll be guaranteed a rainbow at the end of it all.

I love you both! Never have I met two people more appreciative of whatever you give them! Here are a few photos from today. The rest will be posted to my Wendy Alana Photography Facebook page and of course the original images are much clearer. You might want to turn up the sound for this one!



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