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Sunday, May 23, 2010


A poem by my friend Eugene Zenger


Strolling through the woods one spring day, sad as can be,
I stopped to watch a robin or was he really watching me?
He was as still as the forest floor sitting in a tree,
Perched and still enrobed in beauty as noble as can be.
I had to stare and wonder, how long could he be still,
Over time I realized much longer, than me, as I headed up the hill.
Yet I stopped and turned around, as it made me really think,
What was he thinking of and was there a common link?
I had a heavy load of thought and cares, more than anyone should bear,
when it made me realize how silly and futile it was to fret and worry if I couldn't
even change a single color of my hair.
Life can be oh so complex and stressful if we let it be, but after contemplating the stress-free life
of the robin, I'm sure I found the key.
Take each day as a gift of life, so precious and so free, as there will come a day when all will pass,
including the robin, tree and me.
It won't matter a damn if I worried or not, but the time I wasted, could never be retrieved or bought.

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