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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I shake my head, but then smile

We were watching the news last night, a rarity in this household as I'm like a sponge who absorbs negativity and can't let it go. After crying my eyes out about the animals at the Newmarket SPCA, who were all being euthanized due to the ring worm outbreak, another story was aired that made me shake my head.

A Winnipeg resident and her elderly father were at Princess Margaret Lodge, where her father was undergoing cancer treatments. Sadly enough, she had just lost her 17 year old daughter to cancer and her last tangible memories - pictures, were residing on her laptop's hard drive.

A cowardly vandal, stole the laptop and wiped the entire thing of it's data including the photographs of her beloved daughter. Sometimes you just have to wonder, when times are tough, why do they always seem to get tougher before better?

The Winnipeg natives aren't letting this abhorrent behaviour bring them down as they said they will forever remember Toronto as a city of kindness. They recognized the citizens and police for doing everything they can to aid them in recovering their lost data and lifelong memories.

Sometimes, you have to wonder what the heck is going on in this world, but low and behold, my former native city of Toronto, who has been so many times unfairly associated with such negative connotations, has wrapped it's arms around those who needed a hug once again.

And then I smile.

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