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Monday, May 10, 2010

The convertible wedding dress

Of COURSE the true meaning of your wedding, centers around the eternal love that you and your spouse are vowing to in front of God and your witnesses. Of COURSE the most important elements of your union have to do with the wedding ceremony itself. It would be vain to state anything otherwise. I also believe in upfront and ballsy honesty. I can honestly say that the most memorable part of my day were the love and promises that were shared between my husband and I.

A close second was searching for my wedding dress(es).

I ordered the dress online and prayed it would fit. I saw it and I instantly knew that the funky, non traditional yet still beautiful style was meant for me. I also knew that after trying it on, it would be nearly impossible to pull off our wedding dance, which was set to the genre of swing, that was specifically designed to move, jump and kick, in that trumpet style sheath.

I set out to buy a 2nd dress that would hopefully allow me to perform our dance which we had worked so diligently in practicing. I had a vision that later in the night, while tearing up the dance floor with my ladies, I could be freed of the restrictive corseted number and boogie the night away with ease.

Obviously I am not alone in this vision, as now made available to all brides is an option which is much less expensive than buying two dresses. Enter: The convertible/detachable wedding dress. This popular growing dress trend allows you to have your dress, and wear it too! (And possibly wear it again.) The idea is that you get two looks out of the one dress. The longer and fuller train allow for tradition, yet the zip or button off portion allow for a cocktail dress which represents fun, freedom and variety. You can even possibly wear the shorter version of the dress again if you wanted to dye it or wear it, prêt-à-porter.

This "2 for 1" style of wedding dress will allow the bride both tradition and chicness, all wrapped up in one dress for one price.

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the wedding dress said...

I've been browsing online for wedding dresses. I found two websites that have great dresses and at affordable prices. Has anyone bought from Hong Kong, or China, or anywhere overseas? I'm nervous to purchase a dress and have it be poor quality. I'm even more nervous that all the oversea vendors are just scams!!! I just need a budget friendly dress!!!