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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera

Christina or popularly referred to as X-tina for her racy and raunchy music videos, has released her most provocative piece yet. Although slightly disturbed by the in-your-face sexual inuendos (okay, it's more than an inuendo when she's grinding half naked with another woman), I am in love with this song and the choreographic dance moves.

This video has drawn critics to compare Christina to Lady Gaga's outrageous and flamboyant persona but it truly reminds me of Madonna's S&M escapades in "Human Nature."

I've spent my day packing for our move but I can't help but dance around the house with this song on repeat, much to my husbands chagrin and dismay.

Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do
The old me's gone I feel brand new
And if you don't like it f**k you

The music's on and I'm dancing
I'm normally in the corner just standing
I'm feeling unusual
I don't care cause this is my night

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