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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cornerstone Home Interiors and a crush

You know that euphoric feeling when you are falling deeply, madly and truly in love? You act crazy, talk a lot and are through the roof with giddiness. Well, that's usually the case for me.

Is it possible to experience these same emotions while shopping for things? Items? Stuff?

We have fallen in love with a local store I discussed in a previous blog post: Cornerstone Home Interiors. We have perused both the Cambridge and Toronto locations; partly due to my own inquisitiveness and skepticism. You see, I fell head over heels for my latest crush, a 500 year-old one of a kind soap stone coffee table. Similar to when I first met my husband, I could not get this table out of my head. I dreamt about it, excitedly chirped about it to friends and took photos with it. I played coy. You know, like the rules of engagement in dating. You can't look too interested. You must play it cool and give it time. If you meet your crush on a Saturday, you certainly cannot call until Wednesday. *Sigh* the games we must to play to be "sure."

Anyways, like the distrusting inquisitive female that I am, we stealthily drove to the Junction of Toronto so I could indeed justify not purchasing this stunner of a table, because of course there would be another one in the Toronto store. Alas, to no avail, we walked out with the discovery there was no other table like it.

We brought friends to Cornerstone last weekend and they too fell in love and developed a crush on one particular item that unfortunately did not fit the measurements of their stereo.

While my husband has always been known for his ability to strike up (and keep up) long lasting conversations with just about anyone of any age, I somehow can't stop talking while in this store. He chided me today..."Are you on drugs? You are running around the store singing 'I love thissss and I love thissssss and look at thisssss.' "

I met both of the owners on two separate occasions. A husband and wife team named Martin and Danielle, they have been in the furniture business for over 18 years. Their impressive building in Cambridge sat vacant for over 20 years and upon me inquiring what it was before, Martin informed me it was a former Woolco. Believe me, nothing about this store screamed Woolco, although there were traces of a former department store such as the former escalator, now turned stairs.

"The" table, or should I say my table took 3 months to get here by sea from Mainland China. The base is made from reclaimed wood and the tablet is a piece of soapstone so heavy, it takes 4 grown men to lift it. Engraved all throughout is what appears to be a story in ancient Chinese dialect. In fact, an Asian man came into the store once and was able to translate a piece of it to mean "A beautiful family gathering."


We purchased a gorgeous bookshelf with rolling ladder in which we will hopefully store many literary treasures both new and old, bought and written. (Did you know Michael writes the most amazing poems and screenplays? There is nothing he cannot do and master with perfection.)

I have my eye on an antique rustic armoire with drawers galore and a sliding "key" which seals the doors. Calling my name, was a vintage seafoam tea cart that would totally suit a bare and lonely wall in our new home.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love finding a great deal. We purchased our home and although we struck gold by finding a model home backing right on a walking trail and for a very fair price, I wanted something more. I always want to feel like I've got my money's worth and even restaurants will regain our patronage when extra attention is given. Something as simple as a free shot from the owner for thanking us for our business goes a long way. (By the way, Empire Homes still tease me about the bread basket and cannister set I bartered for when negotiating our home, all of which probably total about 20 bucks. I believe the word they used was "ball buster.")

As we were purchasing our goods today, Michael picked up a gorgeous goat horned bottle opener and the owner kindly said "take it." Sold again.

Let's face it, Cornerstone's furniture sells itself but the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff is an added bonus. I have to run, I think I hear the sound of a Corona bottle being opened downstairs.

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