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Friday, November 19, 2010

You light up my life.

When I was little, my mom used to sit me on her lap in her rocking chair and sing Debbie Boone's Light Up My Life. It's always been our song and has special meaning.

When I was in University, I met a special young lady with whom I reconnected with a few years ago. We had dinner, caught up on the decade gone by and had a personal discussion that her and I both agree will never forget.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of photographing her two little angels, Nikolina and Lukas. Nikolina has a little personality of her own and had me laughing the entire time. She instantly took to me which I was nervous about as I had never photographed a two year old before. I did learn that you must be quick with the camera, because two year olds will not re-pose for you no matter how much chocolate you bribe them with!

Her mom really wanted to see her in a girly sort of outfit but she didn't take kindly to things being put in her hair or a pink tutu which was mine. Later, after lunch and a break she decided that she in fact was ready to cooperate and her mommy was so very thrilled. She pranced around in her mother's red high heels and we both stared at her in disbelief as her tiny feet were able to maneouver the shoes. Lukas was a doll and like most babies, sat however we positioned him. I read Nikolina a story and she leaned over and said "Teta Wendy (Aunt in Croatian), I love you!"

My heart melted. Sandi and Nick, you have a beautiful family and are very blessed with two wonderful children. Nikolina and Lukas, you truly light up your parents' lives.

Thank you for the opportunity.



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